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Northwest Indiana Nannies’ 12-Point Nanny Screening Process

Nanny and child sharing a double high five & smiling. Northwest Indiana Nannies 12-Point Nanny Screening and Review Process

Northwest Indiana Nannies’ 12-Point Nanny Screening Process

Let’s face it: trusting a new caregiver with your children is hard. It’s hard to know who will treat your children well and who will do a good job. This is why Northwest Indiana Nannies enacted a detailed 12-point nanny screening process for every applicant we receive. 

Through the following 12-Point nanny review process, Northwest Indiana Nannies provides an unparalleled level of safety and peace of mind for clients. Only 1 in 10 applicants become fully qualified to be represented by NWI Nannies. Only experienced, verified, and passionate caregivers, nannies, and professional babysitters are referred to families. Feel safe knowing your children are in good hands!

Excellence & Integrity

Core values are involved with every part of Northwest Indiana Nannies, and the same is true for the nanny screening process. The two core values that influence the nanny vetting process the most are Excellence and Integrity. 

Because Excellence is important:

  • Qualified nannies have endorsement from 3 or more outstanding reference checks
  • Vetted nannies have professionally passed a formal interview
  • Screened nannies complete Northwest Indiana Nannies on-boarding training

Because Integrity is important:

  • Qualified nannies have a clear background check
  • Vetted nannies possess valid identification, a valid driver’s license, and valid CPR & 1st Aid certification
  • Screened nannies have received a social media and online presence review

Northwest Indiana Nannies’ 12-Point Nanny Screening Process

Through this 12-point nanny screening and review process, your family is safeguarded from many of the concerns and uncertainties of hiring a nanny on your own. To be represented by Northwest Indiana Nannies, an applicant must complete all of the following screening requirements:

  1. Online Application  —  To provide background information and important details about the candidate’s experience and eligibility to become a represented nanny.
  2. Phone Screen  —  To get an initial feel for the nanny candidate and to take time understanding their experience, needs, and wants within this field of work.
  3. Identification Verification  —  To verify that the nanny candidate has a valid Driver’s License and secondary Identification (such as a birth certificate, passport, or social security card).
  4. Social Media Screen  —  To check for red flags on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
  5. Online Presence Screen  —  To check for red flags through a professional public records search and an online listings search.
  6. Formal Interview  —  To learn about the candidate’s demeanor, personality, professionalism, experience, as well as testing for knowledge and understanding of childcare.
  7. County Records Check  —  To check for criminal & driving records in every county the nanny candidate has lived in for the last 7 years.
  8. Nation-Wide Background Check  —  To check for flags in the National Watchlist, SSN trace, Sex Offender Check, and National Criminal Records.
  9. Document Verification  —  To verify current and valid CPR & 1st Aid Certification, as well as any other certifications, degrees, or training the nanny candidate provides as qualifications.
  10. Reference Checks  —  To confirm work experience and also develop an understanding of the nanny candidate’s work ethics and passion for childcare. At least 3 references endorse each qualified nanny.
  11. Personality Test  —  To aid with making a compatible and long-lasting match for nanny placements.
  12. Northwest Indiana Nannies On-Boarding Training  —  To ensure vetted nannies understand and agree to uphold Northwest Indiana Nannies’ high standards and expectations for representation.

Ready to Hire a Nanny?

With Northwest Indiana Nannies’ 12-point nanny screening process, you can feel safe knowing your children are in good hands. Through the Nanny Placement Service and Nannies By Appointment, clients are provided an unparalleled level of security and peace of mind. Select a button below to learn more about each service or to complete the Family Registration Forms to sign up!

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