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Full-Time nannies

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Ready to Hire a Nanny?

It’s my specialty to serve families transitioning into hiring a dedicated nanny. The Full-Time Nanny Placement Service is for families who value stable, consistent, and high quality private childcare. Many of my clients are:

what's included

 FT Nanny Placement ServiceDIY Search
Expert Guidance & SupportIncludedn/a
In-Home Family Consultation & Needs AssessmentIncludedn/a
Nannies By Appointment RegistrationIncluded$99
Detailed Job DescriptionIncludedn/a
Professional RecruitingIncludedn/a
12-Point Candidate ScreeningIncluded (1 in 10 qualify)n/a
Suggested Nanny Interview QuestionsIncludedn/a
Payroll & Tax InformationIncludedn/a
Personalized Offer LetterIncludedn/a
Personalized Work AgreementIncludedn/a
90 Day Replacement PolicyIncludedn/a
Nanny Review TemplateIncludedn/a
Work Agreement RenewalsIncludedn/a

The right nanny makes all the difference.

i make that match!

Nanny Placement Service Nanny with child

FT Nanny Placement steps

Register with the online formThe $250 registration fee brings you on as a client and also enrolls you in the Nannies By Appointment Service too! 

STEP 2 — In-Home Family Discovery Meeting

The in-home Family Discovery Meeting is included with registration. This detailed consultation serves two purposes:

  1. We discuss your questions and I provide guidance, support, and direction for this important family transition.
  2. We discuss important details about your family, your needs, and your expectations in order to understand the type of nanny that will best fit your family. 

STEP 3 — Recruiting, Screening & Prep

Upon payment of the custom search fee, the details from the Family Discovery Meeting are used to formulate and implement a recruiting & 12-point screening plan for your position. This is where most of the work happens, be prepared for it to take up to 8 weeks.

Simultaneously, you will receive skilled guidance and resources to help you prepare to employ a nanny.

STEP 4 — Interview candidates

My top 3 fully vetted, hand-selected nannies for your family will be presented for you to interview. I assist with drafting an Offer Letter once you’ve made your selection!

STEP 5 — Hire

A Nanny Employment Agreement is facilitated between you and the nanny to ensure that communication is clear and the relationship suits all parties for a long-lasting hire. The placement fee will be billed upon acceptance of the work agreement by your new nanny.

STEP 6 — support

The Full-Time Nanny Placement Service comes with a 90 day replacement guarantee period and full support and resources, including Nannies By Appointment registration and work agreement renewals.

Full-Time Job Parameters

Nanny placement clients invest in private childcare to provide the best opportunities for their children to thrive. They value consistent, high quality care and therefore treat their nanny with respect. Through Northwest Indiana Nannies, I provide clients with guidance, relief, and excellent nannies.

Clients I serve:

baby, mom, dad hands - Northwest Indiana Nannies


Service Fees: 

  • $250 Registration Fee – includes Family Discovery Meeting & Nannies By Appointment
  • Full-Time Nanny Placement Fee is a half-up-front structure, equal to the amount of 6 weeks nanny hourly compensation.
    • Custom Search Fee (client deposit to begin recruiting)  x3 nanny’s weekly pay
    • Placement Fee (service fulfilled, due upon hire)  x3 nanny’s weekly pay

Service Includes: 

  • Expert Guidance, Resources, and Support through the whole process
  • Top 3 Professionally Matched Candidates
  • 12-Point Candidate Screening Process, including:
    • Double Interviewed (phone screen and formal interview)
    • Experience Review and Verification
    • 3 In-depth Reference Checks (transcripts provided)
    • Online Presence and Social Media Screen
    • Document Verification (CPR & 1st Aid, Drivers License, Car Insurance)
    • Detailed Background Check (National Watchlist, SSN trace, Sex Offender Check, National Criminal Records, County Criminal Records for last 7 years)
    • Completion of Northwest Indiana Nannies Professional Development and On-Boarding Training
  • 90 Day Replacement Policy 
  • Included registration for Nannies By Appointment Service

Let's get started!