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How to Appreciate Your Nanny

Nanny Recognition Week 2023

Nanny Appreciation Ideas

Nanny appreciation & recognition is a foundational element in the nanny/family work arrangement. When a nanny is properly supported and appreciated for the important work they are doing, their happiness and quality of work are improved. Appreciated and happy nannies also stay in their positions longer than those who aren’t. All around it’s a win-win-win scenario!

Nanny Recognition Week falls in September each year! Love your nanny and want to show what they mean to your family? This is a perfect time to show some appreciation in a new way! Here are some ideas for you based on your nanny’s love language:

Gift Giving

Does your nanny put a lot of thought and effort into giving gifts? If yes, you should consider giving them some nice gifts!

  • Gift Cards to their favorite clothing brands
  • Flowers and favorite dessert
  • Home goods (such as kitchen gadgets, luxury bathroom items, plants, etc)

Words of Affirmation

Does your nanny always use positive and encouraging language with the kids? If yes, give some words back! 

  • Thank you notes from the kids and you
  • Write an appreciation letter
  • Have a “check in” review to nurture open communication and express gratitude

Quality Time

If your nanny cherishes human connection and spending time with loved ones, then give them an opportunity to do so!

  • Gift cards to a fancy date-night restaurant
  • Extra paid vacation days
  • Plan a family outing with your nanny to a place they enjoy

Acts of Service

Many nannies share this love language! It’s a safe bet that your nanny will feel recognized if you show appreciation through an act of service. 

  • Staying home and giving your nanny a paid day off (maybe book a massage or spa day for the nanny that day!)
  • Stocking the fridge/pantry with your nanny’s favorite snacks
  • Taking care of the nanny’s chores list (if there is one) for the week

Employee Benefits

Don’t forget that as an employer you have some extra tools for appreciation that every nanny will connect with!

  • Appreciation Bonus
  • Pay Increase 
  • Additional employee benefits (example: a health insurance stipend)

Expressing some appreciation and recognition for your nanny and backing it up in a way they connect with will provide a positive experience and help foster a great long-term working relationship! Nanny Recognition Week helps us remember to take care of our nanny’s needs as they are continually taking care of our family’s!


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