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Top 10 Nanny Interview Tips

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Top 10 Nanny Interview Tips

Interviewing to become a nanny for a family is an incredibly personal experience compared to most job interviews! To help you prepare for success at your upcoming interview, we have compiled our Top 10 Nanny Interview Tips!

#1: Be Prepared

Review all of the information NWI Nannies provides on the position in advance and ask any questions you have.

#2: Act Professionally

Show respect, be engaged in the discussion, and be aware of your body language. Parents are looking for a role model for their children, and it’s your job to show that you can be that.

#3: Dress Professionally

Your appearance should be clean, smart and professional. Have your hair pulled back off your face. Keep in mind that bright nail polish, piercings, and visual tattoos could be a distraction from the goal at hand: learning about each other to see if you are a good fit for this family. Ensure your outfit is also comfortable and child-friendly so you can easily interact with the children.

#4: Be On Time

Actually, be a few minutes early for the scheduled interview. Reliability is an important quality for a nanny role. To reduce anxiety and risk, consider driving as practice to the interview location prior to the interview.

#5: Put Your Best Self Forward

First impressions are critical in an interview situation. Shake hands, introduce yourself, be positive, and let yourself shine!

#6: Be Confident

You have the experience, you have the capabilities, you have the capacity to learn. Showing confidence in yourself will help the parents feel confident in you as well.

#7: Elaborate on your Answers

Do not answer questions with a simple yes or no; the family is trying to get to know you, so it is important to elaborate. Always tell the truth as honesty is foundational when starting a relationship with a potential employer.

#8: Engage with the children

If the children are there, do not ignore them. Make eye contact and ask simple questions such as their name, age, and about their favorite thing to do. Showing your love for children and a desire to build a relationship will build your rapport with the parents. Remember, however, that the parents are the priority as this is a job interview.

#9: Ask questions

Asking questions about the nanny job shows that you are keen and interested. Northwest Indiana Nannies will provide you with a list of question topics and prompts to help you compile your list.

#10: Prepare your Answers

Just like for tip #9, Northwest Indiana Nannies will provide you with a list of commonly asked questions and prompts to help you prepare to speak about yourself.


After your interview, give us your feedback! We are here to help you, give you advice, and help you land the job that is right for you!

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