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The right Nanny

makes all THE Difference

Makes all the difference

I make that match!

personalized service - peace of mind - time savings

Children deserve stable, consistent, high quality care. 

Finding it can be stressful, time consuming, and overwhelming. 

Don’t go it alone. There is a better way.

Ahna Campos CEO from Northwest Indiana Nannies

I'm Ahna, and I'm here to help!

I'll be your expert advisor and personal nanny matchmaker.

Through Northwest Indiana Nannies, I provide guidance, peace of mind, and excellent nannies for families seeking high quality private childcare.

  • NWI’s Nanny Employment Expert
  • Detailed, Intuitive, & Passionate Matchmaker
  • 8 Years of Industry Experience as both a Nanny & Agency Owner
  • Knowledge & Understanding of Interpersonal Relationships
    • Bachelor Degree in Applied Social Sciences from Colorado State University
  • High Standard of Empathy & Professionalism
  • In Depth 12-Point Nanny Screening Process

nanny services

Nanny Placements

The right nanny makes all the difference. I make that match!

Nannies by appointment

Professional babysitter and nanny booking service!

We make the process of hiring a nanny enjoyable and less time consuming - Nannies By Appointment

Nanny placement steps

Register with the online form. The $250 registration fee brings you on as a client and also enrolls you in the Nannies By Appointment Service too!

STEP 2 — in-home Family Discovery Meeting

The in-home Family Discovery Meeting is included with registration. This detailed consultation serves two purposes:

  1. We discuss your questions and I provide guidance, support, and direction for this important family transition
  2. We discuss important details about your family, your needs, and your expectations in order to understand the type of nanny that will best fit your family.

STEP 3 — Recruiting, Screening & Prep

Upon payment of the custom search fee, the details from the Family Discovery Meeting are used to formulate and implement a recruiting & 12-point screening plan for your position. This is where most of the work happens, be prepared for it to take 6-8 weeks.

Simultaneously, you will receive skilled guidance and resources to help you prepare to employ a nanny.

STEP 4 — Interview candidates

My top full vetted, hand-selected nannies for your family will be presented for you to interview. I assist with an Offer Letter once you’ve made your selection!

STEP 5 — Hire

A Nanny Employment Agreement is facilitation between you and the nanny to ensure that communication is clear and the relationship suits all parties for a long-lasting hire. The placement fee will be billed upon acceptance of the work agreement by your new nanny.

STEP 6 — support

The Nanny Placement Service includes full support and resources, including Nannies By Appointment registration and work agreement renewals.

Introduction to employing a nanny, family information guide.

request my free guide to employing a nanny, designed for first-time nanny employers!